By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Nearly half a million new dollars will be pumped into Crescent City, thanks to grants and the success of last election's bond measures.

andquot;We just got the word this week,andquot; said Crescent City City Manager Dave Wells. andquot;We submitted five applications for five different projects. Three of them were funded.andquot;

The funding will be approximately $300,300 for renovating the swimming pool with $128,000 in matching funds and labor from the city, said pool manager Janine Pritchett. A new restroom at Beachfront Park was credited $103,000 and $75,000 will be applied to replacing restrooms in Petersen Park.

Pritchett said the swimming pool funding came from the Roberti-Z'berg Harris Urban Open Space and Recreational Need Basis competitive grant, the same source for the skatepark funding.

andquot;We're really excited,andquot; Pritchett said. andquot;The (grant) people who came down to look at the pool were impressed by the wide variety of people who use it. We get children, seniors and people who use it for physical therapy.andquot;

Pritchett said the pool, which gets about 200 to 300 people per day, was built in 1965 and it needs new floors, decking, pipes, air circulation, an improved heating system and renovated restrooms and locker rooms.

andquot;Without renovation the pool will eventually close because it is just so old. It takes so much work to keep it running,andquot; Pritchett said.

A request to contractors for proposals on the pool project went out last weekend.

Wells said the Beachfront restroom will be similar to the one that was installed at Kidtown.

andquot;The one at Beachfront Park will be a much bigger facility that is fully accessible,andquot; Wells said. andquot;The city match for the restrooms is that we install them ... our match could be in the form of cash or in-kind services.andquot;