By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

If you build it, they will come.

That's Bev Noll's theory for pumping life and viable businesses into the Crescent City harbor.

As a longtime harbor commissioner, Noll said the harbor's governing board has been sitting idle too long and must do something now to attract businesses.

At their meeting tonight, the full harbor commission will consider spending about $8,000 constructing two small temporary structures on Anchor Way.

andquot;The concept is that we need to start something down there and we need to have other retail outlets for other businesses to get in there,andquot; Noll said.

As a andquot;workingandquot; harbor, Crescent City's port is flailing with the death of the fishing and logging industries that once kept it bustling.

Now, harbor commissioners see hope in the port's future economy with tourists and retail businesses.

A business owner herself, Noll said she is ready to shepherd the idea of creating business space in the harbor to its fruition.

Though harbor officials are now developing a master plan for development and are waiting to be annexed into Crescent City, Noll doesn't want to wait that long to get started.

andquot;We need to move ahead and the most reasonable approach to me is to build a couple of buildings, rent them out and get water and sewer connections in there,andquot; Noll said.

She envisions 10-by-20-foot wooden structures with perhaps an awning and some windows to do service through.

The renter could decorate and spruce up the outside of the building the way they want to, she suggests and in that way would help spruce up the harbor's appearance.

Noll has expressed concern in past months that a lack of connections to the city's water system prevents businesses from locating in the harbor.

It's the city's policy not to grant connections to properties further than 500 feet outside the city limits.

City officials told Noll the only exception to that policy is when viable projects are presented to the City Council for review.

Once the harbor is annexed, water connections will be an automatic privelege, but annexation may take another year or more, according to Noll.

Building the temporary structures will, in Noll's vision, encourage the city to grant water and businesses to move in.

Trinkets, candy and kites are possible trades for the small structures and would be offered to tourists on their way to the boat launch and to the charter boat Tally Ho II, Noll said.

andquot;I think businesses attract businesses ... I would love to see those put in place for our summer season,andquot; she said.