By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Mike Ross will be heading to the November election for Del Norte County sheriff. George Mina will not.

The official result of last week?s election confirmed it was a close race between Ross and Mina, but after the Del Norte County clerk?s office counted late absentee and provisional ballots, Ross remained on top.

?It?s nice to know for sure everything is as we hoped it would be,? Ross said yesterday. ?Now we can proceed and make plans.?

Del Norte County clerk-recorder Vicki Frazier said 377 late ballots had to be counted after the March 5 election. The final positions of the candidates changed only slightly after the count.

Sgt. Dean Wilson, who originally received 45 percent of the vote, was 44.8 percent and 2,508 total votes after the count. Wilson was already guaranteed a spot in the November runoff.

Ross picked up most of the absentee ballots. He moved up from 25.8 percent to 26.2 with a total of 1,469 votes. Mina slipped from 24 percent to 23.8 and 1,333 total votes.

The November runoff in the race for Del Norte County district attorney was already determined last week. No position changes took place in this race.

Deputy District Attorney Nan Udell, who received 39.6 percent of the vote last week, remained on top with 39.5 percent and a total of 2,179 votes.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Mike Riese picked up most of the absentee ballots, moving up from 37.5 percent to 37.7 percent and 2,082 total votes.

With a difference of less than 200 votes, the race between Timothy Stoen and Robert Brown for the Republican ticket in the 1st Assembly District may hinge on absentee ballots.

Humboldt County alone estimated approximately 1,100 late absentee ballots after the election. Lake County had as few as 87. Sonoma County officials said they never estimate the amount of absentee ballots and declined to estimate when the count there would be finished.

After the election, Stoen had 35.5 percent and 11,385 votes against Brown?s 34.9 percent and 11,189 votes.

The results of this race may not be known until the secretary of state certifies the election on April 13, according to the agency?s press office.