By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

An official tally from Tuesdays election will not be available until next week, according to Del Norte County clerk-recorder Vicki Frazier.

I gave my estimate to Bill Jones (Secretary of State) office of 400 ballots, said Frazier. There are 380-something late absentee ballots and about 20 provisional ballots still to be counted.

Frazier said it will take some time to count these because she must compare signatures of the voters against those with the ballots.

Thats why it takes so long. We have to go through each and every one and compare signatures. It is very time-consuming, Frazier said.

The only election outcome that can conceivably be affected after counting these ballots is the runner-up in the battle for Del Norte County sheriff.

Crescent City Police Sgt. Dean Wilson handily won the race with 45 percent and 2,357 votes. But contenders Mike Ross and Cmdr. George Mina are divided by 96 votes for the second-place slot and a chance to challenge Wilson in the November general election.

Ross received 25.8 percent 1,352 votes. Mina received 24 percent 1,256 votes.