By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Harbor officials agreed last night to Crescent Citys concept of a harbor trail project.

Crescent City City Planner Diane Mutchie presented the citys plan to harbor commissioners last night as part of a larger coastal trail system being promoted in California.

They (California) are very excited about exploring the possibility, Mutchie said to the commissioners. ... Its something theyve been taking a big interest in lately.

The City Council approved the concept last week and will be seeking funding for the project from the California Coastal Conservancy.

The plan calls for both a pedestrian path- and a bike-trail, which will sometimes converge and separate depending on the terrain. According to the draft map for the harbor, the pedestrian path would be little more than directional signs on the beach when disconnected from the bike trail. The bike trail, according to Mutchie, is normally paved with asphalt.

Mutchie said the project is still in its infancy and conducting a biological study is the first issue at hand.

Commissioner John Yingst and maintenance supervisor, Alan Tromble, expressed concern about a bike path running through the harbor spoils area, which Tromble described as being in a constant state of flux and unstable.

Commissioner Bev Noll asked Mutchie what matching funds, if any, would be required of the Harbor District. Mutchie said this has yet to be determined.

Commissioner Bonnie Williams motioned to approve the draft plan with the understanding it will be modified in the future.

A lighthouse trail, which runs along Beachfront Park, and a second leg from Battery Point to Pebble Beach have been designed and approved in concept by Crescent City. The harbor portion would complete the trail to the south.