By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

With six weeks until the primary election, candidate for District Attorney Mike Riese is leading in contributions and endorsements among candidates in his race.

The following tallies were disclosed in candidate documents on file in the Del Norte County clerks office:

Riese, chief deputy district attorney, has collected more than $8,000.

Major contributors to Rieses campaign include Mary Beard, $1,125, Margo Perry, $1,000, and Robert Aton, $575. Other contributors giving more than $100 are: former District Attorney Bill Cornell, Darren McElfresh, Jordan Kekry, Ron Sandler, Jackie Zlokovich, Curtis Zlokovich, Donald Riese, Arthur Lower, Donald Micheletti, Angela Brown, Robert Saylor, Steve Morris, Diana Willis, Curi Allen and the Elk Valley Rancheria.

Riese said he has more than 101 endorsements so far, most of which are from individuals listed on his campaign brochure.

I feel very fortunate and flattered that I have so many people supporting me, Riese said yesterday.

Family support office attorney Nan Udell has reported $6,000 in campaign funds, but $2,000 of that was a personal loan to her campaign. Only three people are listed as making contributions of more than $100 to her campaign. They are: Sandy Starets, Ed Fleshman and Karl Winkler. Udell said many others have contributed but because their donations are less than $100, their names are not listed with the clerks office.

I have a lot of really wonderful salt-of-the-earth type people supporting me in a grassroots effort, said Udell. In many cases they dont have a lot of money but they do have a lot of faith in me.

District Attorney Robert Drossel also is loaning his campaign $3,700. Drossel also has three individual contributors listed: Lappy Dobbs, Thomas Miller and Michael Smiley. The largest contribution, $1,005, was from the Del Norte Country Club.

Drossel said his list of contributors is short because he hasnt actively sought contributions.

As District Attorney, I dont like to put myself in a position where there may be a conflict of interest, Drossel said. My choice is I dont want to go out and ask people for money. I need to remain as neutral as possible.

Drossel, who said he still has endorsements coming in, listed eight various department heads yesterday in city and county offices who are endorsing his candidacy.

Some key endorsements for this office have yet to be decided. According to Riese, the Del Norte County Sheriffs Employee Association will be interviewing candidates Wednesday evening and should have an endorsement by Thursday.

The Crescent City Police Officers Association and local representatives for the California Department of Corrections unions also have yet to make an endorsement.