By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Formulating a new tree ordinance for Crescent City is no easy job, according to City Council members.

City Planner Diane Mutchie submitted a report to council members Monday night which examined the ordinances currently being used by other communities.

But the complexities of different tree sizes and placement, as well as commercial versus residential considerations, prevented the council from making any decisions.

Council member Herb Kolodner said he wanted to know if the current ordinance could be amended, which could conceivably save the city time and expense.

Were in so many pots right now, I dont see how we can get into another one, Kolodner said.

We need to take this point by point in a public workshop, said Council Member Jack Burlake. I dont see a shortcut, unless we want to shortchange the whole subject.

Council member Mickey Youngblood said he was apprehensive about any new ordinance that would involve residential areas.

And council member Glenn Gary said he agreed with Youngblood. Gary also suggested that semi-mature trees would be better than immature ones for planting during new projects, so shade would be created by them in a shorter amount of time.

A tentative date at the end of October was agreed on for a public workshop so that public comment can be inserted into any new code.

We dont need to reinvent the wheel here, but we need to see what wheels are out there, Burlake said.