By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

The Crescent City Harbor District is researching different master plans in preparation of compiling a new one, according to CEO and Harbormaster Rich Taylor.

Ive been talking to harbormasters up and down the coast with master plans that have cleared the Coastal Commission, Taylor said yesterday. Im getting copies to see what theyve done and taking the information back to my board.

Currently, Crescent Citys Harbor District is working from a plan that was developed in the 1970s and was most recently amended and adopted in 1986.

Plans from Humboldt Bay, Coyote Point and Moss Landing are some that Taylor said he has reviewed, though he admitted few are comparable to Crescent Citys layout.

Coyote Point doesnt have a harbor district but is run by the county, Taylor said. Moss Landing is doing something really big- time that wouldnt apply to us.

A lot of them dont have (master plans) at all because they are connected with city or county plans, he added.

Taylor said he also had discussions with Larry Mintier, of J. Laurence Mintier andamp; Associates, a consultant that has some familiarity with Del Norte County.

I talked to him while I was in Sacramento, on the recommendation of (County Planner) Ernie Perry, since hes worked with the city and county, Taylor said.

Whether or not the harbor district will revisit the 1996 or 1998 plans, that ultimately were not adopted, is still uncertain. Commissioner Bev Noll said either plan may be worth review.

They (the commissioners) could look over either plan, Noll said. I think it is certainly a viable starting place, and either could be placed on the agenda.

President Bonnie Williams said what she remembered of the plans was not very favorable.

There were some things I didnt really care about in them, but that was a different board back then, Williams said. But Rich (Taylor) is the one working on this and hes the one you should be asking.

Williams added there is no current plan to add the subject to a meeting agenda.