By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Prolific Del Norte County land owners Hector and Eileen Brown are building yet another hotel on the south end of town.

The Crescent City City Council discussed the project Monday evening. Councilman Jack Burlake used the discussion to push land developers to beautify the city as they build.

If were ever going to beautify the community with trees, think of having some and how it would attract people to youre establishment, Burlake said to the Browns during the council meeting.

The issue came up when the Browns requested use of city rights-of-way as part of their new hotel project. It is planned for the lot on Highway 101 between Northwoods Inn and the Super 8 motel.

Burlake suggested that in exchange for certain rights to the citys undeveloped roads around the lot, the Browns would plant many trees around the property. Especially since the undeveloped roads there have been slated as part of a future scenic bike trail.

Trees for the property are in Browns plans, he said. Specifically, he said Chinese Maples and purple plum trees were recommended as most appropriate for the oceanside climate there.

But, Burlake said he felt the project plan showed too few trees and that the variety Brown has chosen arent big enough to make the impression that Crescent City is a tree city.

Whats wrong with putting real trees in a tree city, Mr. Brown? Burlake said.

Mayor C. Ray Smith jumped to the Browns defense noting the many cosmetic improvements theyve made to their properties like the Bay View Inn, Apple Peddler and Ocean World.

But, Jack does have a valid point about with the trees and knowing the Browns, Im sure they will consider it, Smith said.

The Browns were not reachable for comment yesterday, but Hector Brown indicated in the meeting Monday night he would make every consideration to add trees to the projects landscaping.

One result of the councils discussion was a direction to City Manager Dave Wells to draft a tree and landscaping ordinance for such projects.

Wells said as the city implements the new 20-year general plan, certain zoning ordinances and municipal codes could be modified to include tree and landscaping requirements.

Were going to try to get that on the June 18 agenda to discuss landscaping and tree ordinances and ask the council to give us some idea of what direction they want to go in, Wells said.

The Browns hotel will be privately owned rather than part of a franchise. It will have 63 rooms and be three-stories tall, according to City Planner Diane Mutchie.