By Laura Brown

Triplicate Staff Writer

Candice Farrell marched into the Big Wave Barbershop yesterday and told Dave the Wave Wright to take it all off.

And with the whir of barber shears, Farrells thick brown hair was shorn. It will become a gift to the American Cancer Society in its efforts to craft wigs for chemotherapy patients.

Its just hair. Ive been growing it forever, said Farrell, sitting in the barber chair, nervously awaiting the trim. Ive been thinking about it (cutting her hair) for months.

Farrell got the idea of donating her locks at a Relay for Life meeting. Some organizers there mentioned she should go to them if she ever wanted to donate her hair. This comment along with her own determination to shed the hair that defined her personal appearance spurred her decision.

Im tired of people saying my hair is so pretty. I dont want

to be attractive anymore.

Wright is the owner of Big Wave Barber Shop and sports a Hawaiian shirt and pompadour hairdo. He carefully combed Farrells hair for the last time, then without allowing a moment for a second thought, guided the cutting blades through Farrells long tresses.

My dad is going to kill Dave... and my daughter will freak out, Farrell shrieks as the reality washes over her. Im going to save money on shampoo, she humorously adds.

As her long brown hair fell from her never-before-exposed scalp, Farrell could only sit, wait and ponder her hairless existence.

Ive gone mad.

Oh my God, its gone.

Do I have a round head?

After the final shaving cream was applied and the strait edge razor meticulously finished the job, Farrell courageously peered into the hand mirror and gazed at her new bald look. She screamed and looked away, then looked again, this time inspecting the never-before-seen moles and scars.

Its such a perfect little head.

Im feeling a little weak.

Clutching her newly shorn hair in her hands, she thinks of what she wants to do next and blurts:

I want to run off to Thailand with the man I love.