By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

People of Del Norte County are gearing up for the annual summer sling of visitors.

Where the Redwoods meet the sea is how one travel guide describes the area.

The Redwoods and the scenic coast are usually the focus of tourism here. And the Crescent City - Del Norte Chamber of Commerce is trying to get those tourists into town and staying an extra day.

In this months edition of Sunset magazine, Crescent City and Redwood National and State Parks were featured in an article called, Untamed, Uncrowded, Unforgettable. The cover photograph is of a trail through the park.

Yes. That will definitely help tourism. It gives contact information for the parks and people will use that, said Janice Robinson, chair of marketing and tourism for the chamber of commerce.

Robinson said even though some locals dont appreciate the park owning so much local land, it does bring in travelers.

The parks can be our friend and we should ride that gravy train as long as we can, she said.

When public schools let out in June, numbers of visitors increase according to the chambers newsletter.

To get ready, the Gateway Partnership has plans to fill city tree wells on Highway 101 with trees, theyve been landscaping the Harbor with flowers and have plans to put up decorative banners on Front Street to draw drivers off the highway and into town, according to Gateways David Whitis.

The beautification has been targeting local attractions accessible from the highway.

We need to make a production out of some of these things, so visitors know its here, said Gateway co-coordinator Shirley Cook.

She pointed out that the harbor has a free boat launch and fishing dock, as well as some great views.

The chamber included some sprucing-up tips for business to draw in more eyes and dollars in its newsletter, too.

The tips range from creating a display of local products and artworks to putting out planters by the front door.

Cook said she has been working with city and county officials to have attractive signage posted to replace the old faded signs pointing into town.

Whitis said getting people on Front Street where they can see Battery Point Lighthouse and Pebble Beach Drive is more than half the battle and the rest is up to the businesses and homeowners in town.