By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Habitat for Humanity organizers are looking for help.

For two years the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity has been trying to raise money to repair, renovate and build homes for people who meet income guidelines and are willing to provide some sweat equity.

This is such a beautiful area, yet as you drive around, you see so much inadequate housing and I think this is a good way to help make a very beautiful area better, said Mary Jo Kenny, president of the local Habitat chapter.

The organization is international in scope. Each community with an affiliate uses local volunteers, local materials and local money.

But its not a give-away program, said Kenny Habitats mission is to help those in poverty to become self sufficient. The familys help is required to build the house and repay Habitat for the materials over a period of time, which is more a partnership than a charity, according to Kenny.

Habitats existence, however, does depend on fund raising and volunteers.

Shop teacher Bob Appel and his students at Sunset High School have been helping the effort for the last couple of years. Theyve built three play houses and a doll house for benefit raffles. This year theyre building another one to be used as an informational display and as part of Habitats Fourth of July parade float.

Coming up May 5 at the Cultural Center, Habitat is hosting a dinner, dance and benefit auction to raise more money. Kenny said theyre trying to raise about $6,000, which would enable Del Nortes Habitat to build their first house.

Land in Klamath has been donated by Don and Minneta Bennett for the future home. Habitat still needs money for the materials, however.

Tickets for the Mexican Fiesta can be purchased at Del Norte Office Supply, Enchanted Florist, Video and More and by calling the Habitat for Humanity headquarters at 457-3310. The cost is $30 and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity International to build homes in Mexico.