The search for a 17-year-old Ashland boy, washed from Preston Island rocks Tuesday by a rogue wave, was expected to be called off at dusk yesterday.

The boy, reported as a man in Wednesdays edition, still has not been located, according to the Del Norte County Sheriffs Department.

From the accounts we have received, the group was enjoying the ocean at the Split Rock section of Preston Island when a rogue wave struck and washed the juvenile into the water, said Capt. Doug Plack of the Sheriffs Office.

The boy was last seen about 50 yards offshore by companions around 3:40 p.m Tuesday.

According to one witness who asked not to be identified, about 12 friends were standing at the edge of the rocks when a wave struck the boy and pulled him into the ocean.

The waves were rough and challenged the rescue personnel looking for the youth along the shore.

Rescue crews searched into the evening Tuesday and all day yesterday and people gathered in cars at coastal overlooks to watch and hope.

Along with the police department, the Sheriffs Department, Search and Rescue, and the Coast Guard responded.

Two rescue boats and helicopters were reportedly used in the search.

The youth, whose identity has not been released yet, is believed to be about 17 years of age.

The juvenile was reported to have been a part of a youth field trip from the Ashland, Ore. area.

A memorial service was held yesterday morning on Preston Island by companions of the youth.

The youngsters, who asked for privacy when they were approached, carried flowers to the site of the accident.