By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

Concern about the location of Del Norte Countys planned transfer station drew a large crowd Thursday even though it was announced that no siting decisions would be made Thursday.

I am absolutely flabbergasted that we are going through this again after a year, said Lois Munson during the public comment period. The physical plant is not the issue. The location is the issue and I thought we had that settled.

A site for the transfer station, which will be replacing the county landfill when the latter closes next year, has been debated and studied for years.

A site on Elk Valley Road near Hambro Forest Products was voted as the preferred location last January after preliminary impact studies were conducted by Solid Waste Management Authority.

Other potential sites have not been eliminated but critics have said the Del Norte County Landfill should have remained the preferred site.

Authority Director Kevin Hendrick said during the meeting that he was aware that concerns would be raised.

We anticipated there would be a lot of interest in this subject, Hendrick said. We thought the public should be informed that no action will be taken today in selecting a site or eliminating a site.

Adding fuel to the fire, though, was a presentation explaining the efficiency of the proposed transfer station. The example used for the presentation was the Hambro site, which brought grumbling from the audience.

It troubles me that when I asked if you had a plan of the transfer station at the landfill site, you said no, Helen Ferguson said while directing her comments at Hendrick.

The next speaker echoed the sentiments. With all due respect, Mr. Hendrick, it sounds to me that you guys got the bit in your mouth and youre running with it.

This was not a master plan as a siting study. This is one example, Hendrick said in response to the presentation.

Munson added later, You people are going to study it and study it and study it because it brings more money into these agencies.

Were not doing this (study) all over again, Hendrick answered. This is part of the process. Were not reinventing the wheel here.

According to documentation provided at the meeting, site locations will be addressed again no earlier than July.

The first speaker yesterday, a registered sex offender, ended up being arrested outside the building for failing to register his change of address with police.

Chairman Jack Reese quipped I hope this is no indication of the way this day is going to go.