By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Plans are still in the works for the bashed-in building at Crescent Citys entrance, the buildings owner says.

At the corner of Front Street and Highway 101, the building formally known as the Nice Twice thrift store will remain in its damaged state at least until April 15, according to its owner, Darryl Lovaas.

Weve got prospective plans going, but the buyers are tied up until April, he said.

Lovaas, a Certified Public Accountant and owner of more than 10 other properties, has done very little to improve the look of the structure since last March when a car struck the building.

Nice Twice has since gone out of business.

Lovaas and his realtor, Jimmy Csutoras, promise good things for the buildings future, but will not give any details. Originally, Csutoras said a locally-based business had plans to revamp the property beginning March 1. In addition, he claimed the new structure would benefit the entire community.

Now, however, the changes on the property will not commence until mid-April. Those plans are kept a secret, Lovaas said, at the request of the buyers.

Who knows, the whole thing could fall apart, Lovaas said.

In the interim, no plans are in the works to hide the eyesore which has frustrated concerned citizens for several months.

Its an insult to our people to have our visitors coming into town and seeing that eyesore, said local radio host Bill Stamps.

Its long past time to get rid of it! It looks like a slum area all the way from Front Street to Second Street (on Highway 101), he said.

The trouble with applying cosmetic fixes to the structure, says Lovaas is that it wont be enough.

It needs more than minor things. It needs major things, he said.

If the proposed plans by the locally-based business fall through, there are no backup plans, Lovaas said.

Tourist season for Crescent City traditionally begins each spring. Csutoras said the planned new structure will be an asset by drawing tourists.

Lovaas added, Believe me, its worth waiting for.