By Kent Gray

Triplicate staff writer

The second scheduled criminal case in Del Norte County to test the boundaries of Californias medical marijuana law was dismissed Friday morning.

Now law enforcement officers and the Del Norte County District Attorneys office must decide whether they will continue to enforce a county policy that prohibits medical marijuana users from possessing more than six plants.

Until we get firm guidance from the feds or the state, we are in the position of enforcing this law county by county, said Sheriff Jim Maready. I agreed with the six-plant policy, but it looks like we will have to revisit the guidelines.

Charges were dismissed against Lonnie Sexton, who, with her brother, was charged with possessing marijuana for sale.

Im just glad its over with, said Sexton. My brother and I just want to get on with our lives and get this all behind us.

The countys six-plant policy was called into question this month when Donald Bruce Denham was found not guilty of possessing marijuana for sale.

Denham and Sexton were growing more than 100 marijuana plants in their greenhouse. Both have certificates from the state allowing the use of medical marijuana, pursuant to Proposition 215 which was approved by California voters in 1996.

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