By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Live crab caught by Crescent City fishermen will soon be on dinner tables in Shanghai, China.

Carvalho Fisheries of Crescent City Harbor and Eureka have teamed up with the Del Norte Economic Development Corporation to begin the exporting venture.

Theres a pot of money the California Trade and Commerce Agency uses to guarantee loans for this, said Craig Bradford of the DNEDC.

High risk loans to high risk businesses are the specialty of the local economic development corporation. And Bradford said exporting goods, especially live goods, holds the greatest risk of losing money.

Its very scary to do this. Thats why its never been done here before, he said.

Losing the shipment in its course across the Pacific is one problematic possibility. Spoilage and non-payment are others, Bradford said. But with the help of government funds, lack of significant collateral and loss are not deal breakers.

Crescent City crabs will be shipped by air, but Carvalho also hopes to ship albacore tuna and black cod to Japan. Those processed fish would likely be exported by cargo ship.

Fisheries owner, Bill Carvalho could not be reached, but Bradford said the EDC sought out exporting capabilities as a result of the opportunity with Carvalho.

Now that he has permission from the California Trade and Commerce Agency, other local small businesses wanting to export can go to Bradford for loans.

Think of the revenue infusion this activity would bring, he said.