By Todd Wels

Triplicate staff writer

WANTED: A site for a new waste disposal transfer station.

Although the Del Norte County Solid Waste Management Authority is still looking to place the transfer station on the site of the soon-to-be-closed county landfill, it is also looking at other sites, according to Director Kevin Hendrick.

At a public meeting held last Friday, Solid Waste directors and personnel took public input regarding the proposal to place the transfer station at the landfill site, near Lake Earl.

At that meeting, Rick Sermon, Superintendent of Redwood State Park, presented a letter in which he stated the parks position that placing a transfer station at the landfill site was an incompatible use of the land, since it is near the Lake Earl Wildlife Area.

Also at the meeting, Dwayne Reichlin of Hambro Forest Products proposed placing the transfer station on property owned by Hambro.

At Thursdays meeting of the Solid Waste Authority Board of Directors, the board voted to continue with the process of placing the transfer station at the existing landfill site, by voting to file an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) with the state, Hendrick said.

To do so will require the Solid Waste Authoritys contract with its consultant, Windsor and Kelly, to allow the firm to file that report, and to give them the time to do so.

Hendrick said the report would outline any negative environmental consequences of placing the transfer station at the landfill site, but that it would also demonstrate the necessity of placing it there.

However, in addition to providing information on the landfill site, the EIR will also include a list of alternative sites for the transfer station.

An ad hoc committee, consisting of Solid Waste board members Jack Reese and Randy Hatfield, has been charged with finding additional sites for the transfer station.

Board member Mike Scavuzzo said he was pleased that the board has elected to look at other sites.

I wanted to open it back up, he said.

Hendrick urged anyone with property that could house a transfer station to contact the Solid Waste Management Authority.

Hendrick said the Solid Waste Management would continue to seek public input on the process.

We would like to hear from them, he said. It helps us make better decisions.