By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Surrounded by trees full of fall colors and rows of sunflowers in bloom sits a pumpkin patch where school children can come and pick that perfect pumpkin.

Becky Tryon hosted two groups of Pine Grove Elementary students yesterday on her parents acreage outside of Fort Dick where the patch is located.

Weve got about 1,000 pumpkins in a quarter acre patch, here, said Tryon.

Big ones, medium and small ones, bright orange, yellow, green, white and red ones lie ripe and ready for the first and second graders to pluck from the vine.

I like the white ones cause theyre different, said Nicole Maple of Hope Wilders second grade class.

With nothing but smiles and wonder, all 40 children stepped carefully into the sea of green vines and big fruit, watching out for the scarecrows standing every few feet throughout.

It took three of Lyn Asbills first graders to carry one of the big pumpkins out of the patch.

They might surprise you. These arent like grocery store pumpkins, these are thick and heavy - good for making pies, Tryon said.

Asbill said, I told them if they could carry it they could have it.

Nearby the patch was a space of green grass and picnic tables where the children gathered with their loot.

Bushel baskets of mini pumpkins made the scene complete.

The Lazy Diamond pumpkin patch opens to the public Oct. 14.