By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Michael Roach has made a career teaching the mentally disabled how to have fun in Crescent City through CARRE Services.

Most of the people we serve have been institutionalized most of their lives. So our goal is to provide them experiences theyve never had. Today it was riding in a jet boat, Roach said.

As a day program CARRE, which stands for Community Active Rehabilitation Recreation Employment, is based on what mentally disabled folks in this community need, said Roach.

The group teaches cooking skills, money handling skills and provides job experiences.

We do things that other programs dont, he said.

One guys grandfather was dying in Florida and no one could take him. So, a group of us at CARRE got together and made sure he was able to see his grandfather before he died. And that meant a great deal to both of them, said Roach.

CARRE is a private organization funded by the Redwood Coast Regional Center which is charged with caring for the developmentally disabled from birth to death. Roach started the company in 1994.

He takes his clients camping, fishing and on other adventures that teach one how to make life fun.

People who qualify can join CARRE by calling Redwood Coast Regional Center at 464-7489.