By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Would someone riding a bicycle backwards while standing on the handle bars get your attention?

Joe Hamilton Elementary School fourth graders yelled a resounding Yes! Friday, at an assembly for bike safety and drug awareness.

With dance music booming in the back ground, The Perfection on Wheels Bicycle Stunt Team performed breath-taking stunts.

The team was formed ten years ago, and heads all over the U.S. entertaining children and promoting bicycle safety and anti-drug themes, according to press materials distributed at the site.

The airborne stunts kept the children in awe while the two riders warned them against taking drugs and riding their bikes without helmets.

Wayne Seigmund and Dylan Worsley put on the show and drew admiration as they shouted out their message.

Waynes funny. He was jumping up and down on his bike, said Travis Hiner with a huge grin.

Our dreams came true. Were out here doing what we love, riding our bikes doing tricks -- Thats because we say no to things that are bad for our bodies, said Seigmund.

After the show, the horde of children rushed the two men on their bicycles for autographs.