By Jennifer Grimes

Triplicate staff writer

Workers are putting the final touches on KidTown, the childrens playground erected with community sweat and labor more than a year ago.

Sandy Velasquez, fund-raiser and co-chair of the effort, is throwing a party from 1 to 3 p.m., Saturday, Sept.30 at Beachfront Park.

Now that the bathrooms are installed, and the parking lot is being laid, the last thing to accomplish is placing engraved plaques, tiles and fence pickets honoring those who donated money. This last task has caused frustration with those who donated the money and with Velasquez who took the money in. Two people gave $250 for picnic tables to be built, but I havent seen them. And the Soroptimists gave $3,000 to sponsor the castle entrance, but their plaque hasnt gone up yet, she said.

They were supposed to be up within 30 days of the donations, but it hasnt happened yet. So, thats kind of frustrating, she said.

Approximately 100 fence pickets were engraved with names of donors or their children. Some students at Sunset High School were charged with the job and are working steadily to complete the other 200 pickets.

As Crescent City City Manager Dave Wells pet project, he said he hoped everything would be completed by the day of dedication.

Were still relying on volunteers to finish it up. It was not a city project. The city was just one of the participants, but Ive got a couple of guys over there now putting up the pickets and the plaques should be up in time for the party, he said.

Among the huge structures at KidTown is a pirate ship, a castle and a play town complete with a general store and a school.

A lot of heart-felt effort went into this, Wells said. There were 25 of us that put in a year and a half of effort to make five days of work, he said in reference to the massive crowd of community members who volunteered to lift, hammer and nail each board of the structure.

Cake, punch and entertainment will be served at the celebration. And Wells will present a brass plaque to commemorate the communitys efforts in the project.