By Todd Wels

Triplicate staff writer

With three positions open this November, and only one incumbent running, it could be a whole new Harbor Commission next year.

Eight candidates will appear on the November ballot, with Bonnie Williams the only incumbent among them.

The candidates include: Bonnie Williams, Garry Young, David Woodel, Mark Bower, Robert Daly, Norman Logerwell, Victor Markytan.

All of the candidates interviewed said they viewed dredging as the number one priority for the harbor, especially in light of the withheld rent payments on the part of Fashion Blacksmith.

Its sanding up awfully bad, said Young.

Bower said he believes the harbor needs to go after more federal and state funding for dredging, pointing out that currently the harbor has no money to dispose of dredged materials.

Markytan and Yingst both pointed to their decades of ocean-going experience.

Ive been working on the ocean my whole life, Markytan said, adding that he is not tied to any vested interests in the community.

Yingst, a former commercial fisherman, said he is looking to lower costs for fisherman, as well as lessening the harbors tax burden for the rest of the community.

Logerwell and Woodel pointed to their successful business experience.

I know how to make money, said Logerwell, who spent 32 years running an equipment rental business.

Woodel had similar comments.

I feel my business experience can contribute to the harbors financial success, he said.

All of the candidates pointed to the need for new businesses in the harbor.

Woodel and Bower both pointed to the need for beautification at the harbor before businesses would move in.

Williams has already formulated some ideas about businesses that would be suitable for the harbor.

The businesses that come in need to be seasonal or something that you just cant live without, she said.

The candidates are also united in their contempt for the current harbor commission, which found itself mired in scandal, squabbling and walkouts.

Commissioner Chris Van Hook, who is the subject of a recall effort due to his vote to retain former Harbormaster Alan Tromble, despite his drug-dealing conviction, did not file for nomination.

Fellow commissioner Monty Gonsalves, who is also the subject of a recall effort, initially filed nomination papers with the County Clerks office, but withdrew from the race at the last minute.

A third commissioner, Sandie Crockett, is also the subject of a recall effort, though her term is not up until 2002.

I think I can bring a little civility to the board, said Yingst.

Williams also pointed to the necessity of further cooperation.

If you cant get the other four to go with you, you cant get it done, she said.

Candidate Robert Daly was unavailable for comment.