Triplicate staff

andquot;Crescent City's Tall-Masted Ships Celebrationandquot; is officially the name of the festival gracing Crescent City Harbor in about five weeks.

The festival has gone through enough changes to give promoters a collective migraine, partly because a group called American Sail Training Association copyrighted the andquot;Tall Shipsandquot; phrase that organizers had used.

The ships Lady Washington and Hawaiian Chieftain will sail into Crescent City Harbor May 1 to launch a six-day of maritime history and help celebrate the county's 150th anniversary.

Concurrent with the festival's historical aspects is a harbor fair that includes arts, crafts and food booths, a cultural pavilion that will offer a sheltered area for presentations and displays from local organizations and a stage for free music and cultural performances.

The ships will serve as classrooms, hosting youth as they take part in Grays Harbor Historical Seaport Authority-coordinated sailing and dockside educational programs. The youth will gain hands-on experience, learn about maritime heritage, global trade, navigation and 18th-century sailors' lives.