Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Police: Klamath man was 'running amok'

A Klamath man suspected in home invasion robberies was arrested Tuesday in the Tulley Creek housing area near Weitchpec by federal marshals, the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

Stanley "Buck" Scott, 24, was arrested on suspicion of involvement in home invasion robberies in Klamath and Orick involving the theft of guns and drugs.

Yurok Tribal Police attempted to apprehend Scott on Jan. 3, but he evaded officers by jumping into the Klamath River, swimming downstream and then hiding in the woods, the Sheriff's Office said.

Sheriff's Sgt. Steve Morris said he and 10 other officers and a police dog took to the woods in Klamath that day and found Scott's trail, but lost him again.

"We called it off because it was verified that he was no longer in Del Norte County," said Morris. "If we had gotten close enough to him, believe me, we would have used our Tasers."

Morris said Scott "was just running amok" in Klamath.

He said 911 calls alleging Scott's involvement in robberies and

violence began in August of last year with a call from a person who

said Scott had assaulted them.

Morris said Scott was suspected of entering a Klamath home in November, assaulting the owner and then taking his shotgun.

On Nov. 23, the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office put out a report that

Scott was wanted for an assault and home invasion robbery in Orick,

where Scott allegedly entered a man's home, assaulted him and then

stole 15 firearms, Morris said.

In the second week of December of last year a Klamath women reported

that Scott had entered her home and assaulted her boyfriend, said


By Dec. 23, Morris said Scott was under suspicion of another assault

and robbery that occurred behind the Bear Casino on the Resighini

Rancheria near Klamath, Morris said.

"A man called and said two subjects had beat him up behind the casino -Scott was one of the suspects," said Morris.

On Dec. 30, a burglary was reported where Scott allegedly "ransacked a home and made off with a .22 caliber rifle," said Morris.

According to the U.S. Marshals' Service release, Scott had one rifle

when he was arrested and another rifle was found in the Weitchpec home

he was allegedly hiding at.

Scott was carrying methamphetamine and cash when he was arrested, according to the release.

The agents also turned up a rifle, ammunition and drug paraphernalia in

the home Scott was found in, according to a release from federal


The release did not state if any of the stolen firearms were recovered.

Ann Fiester, 31, of Klamath was arrested in the home on suspicion of

harboring a fugitive, possession of methamphetamine and maintaining a

residence for narcotic activity, said the marshals' release.

The Marshals Service is asking anyone with information about Scott's

involvement in the Klamath home invasion robberies or any other crimes

to call the marshals office in Eureka at 707-442-4875.