Steve Chittock

Preparation for this column was a real special treat. I went to a Del Norte High School softball practice to interview Delores Markussen and found that they were warming up for a game against the junior varsity team from McKinleyville.

I not only got to have a great talk with this young lady, I also watched her JV team beat the Panthers 17-8.

I was impressed with the way she worked with this group of freshman and sophomore girls. Delores is another of our local graduates that makes sure she has time from her busy schedule to work with our youth.

She is the mother of three and also a full time Head Start teacher. She is in her fourth year assisting head varsity coach Jackie Heuberger in the softball program. Her first two years, the Warriors did not have a junior varsity program, so she assisted Jackie with the varsity. After two years and a lot of hard work they were able to put together a JV program and now Delores has the title of head JV coach.

One of the things that really impressed me as I watched her team play

was how much better our girls looked in the fundementals than the

Panthers. When I asked Delores how she got started in softball, she

said "my mother played and I was always there when I was little, so I

just kind of grew up with the game."

She also credits Jackie for teaching her a lot about coaching. Delores

also coaches volleyball at Crescent Elk, which is another demand on her

time, but she says she loves it.

Because of her exposure coaching volleyball at the elementary level,

the Humboldt- Del Norte League Volleyball officials association talked

her into becoming an official at the high school level.

She said she just finished her rookie year in that capacity and is

looking forward to next year. The fact that she works with many

elementary girls at Crescent Elk has helped her at the high school. She

knows many of the girls before they reach the high school softball


Delores obvious ability to communicate with her team and the enthusiasm

and respect they showed toward her, tell me that with our softball

program in the hands of Heuberger and Markandshy;ussen we can look forward

to a lot more exciting games in the future.

They are two classy young ladies.

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