Kurt Madar, The Triplicate

'Dark Disaster' contains photos, 1st-hand accounts

Today and Saturday mark the 45th anniversary of the 1964 tsunami that killed 11 people and demolished portions of Crescent City.

To note the anniversary the Del Norte Historical Society has republished the book "Dark Disaster" by Crescent City resident Wallace Griffin and is hosting a re-release party Saturandshy;day.

"The new books are gorgeous," said historical society museum coordinator PJ Estlund. "They are essentially the old wire-bound version re-edited and rebound to be more long-lasting."

Estlund said that the Historical Society has been working on reprinting "Dark Disaster" for the last year.

"There's really three reasons that we are reprinting Wallace's book,"

Estlund said. "First is that it's out of print, second it's a very

popular book, and third is the upcoming anniversary of the tsunami."

Griffin produced "Dark Disaster" shortly after the tsunami. It is a

collection of photographs and first-hand accounts of the disaster.

Griffin, who received his first copies of the new version of "Dark Disaster" on Tuesday, was impressed with the quality.

"They are very good," Griffin said Thursday. "They started talking to me about this last year so it's nice to see the result."

The Historical Society has ordered 5,000 copies.

"We hope to recover our cost by selling 2,500," Estlund said. "The books will be available Saturday and will cost $15."

Estlund said the society is going to sell the books to any other retailers interested in buying them.

"We've already sold a case," Estlund said.

As part of the republication process Griffin gave the society the rights to the book.

"I'm almost 86 and the Historical Society will be able to do more with

this than I could," Griffin said. "This is a good way to help them

build up their coffers."

Griffin said Thursday that he plans to attend the Saturday event.

"I will sign books," Griffin said. "But people may not be able to read my handwriting."