Steve Chittock

Little could  Del Norte Warrior fans imagine that this outstanding young athlete that graduated from Libby High School in Libby, Montana, with the class of 2000 would five years later take over the Warrior track program as their new head coach.

Scott Lindsay was a standout football, basketball, and track athlete at Libby. After high school Scott enrolled at and graduated from Montana State University.

After graduation Scott moved to Crescent City and went to work for the Del Norte Unified School District. He now teaches sixth grade at Pine Grove School.

I had never met Scott before but have had the privilege of watching him conduct practice and saw the positive way he interacts with all his team members.

The comments that I have heard from team members and from coaches

working with him are the respect they have for him makes you feel that

this young coach was a real find for the benefit of our youth.

While I was waiting for Lindsay to show up for practice I was chatting

with one of his assistants. He said "Scott will be here right at 3:30

p.m., just watch along the fence and you will see him come racing up on

his bicycle." Sure enough, at 3:30 he came peddling up. Scott is a

young man that believes in being active.

When I asked him what he likes to do in his free time he said run. He

just won his age group in the Redwood Wild River Run. He also likes to

hunt, fish, hike, and explore the many parts of our county. He said

that since that doesn't keep him busy enough, he took up sky diving.

Jumping out of airplanes scares the heck out of him but he claims it's a great experience.

Scott is engaged to be married this summer. I didn't ask him if his wife to be jumps out of airplanes or not.

The more I talked to him and the more I observed him the more excited I

became about the Warrior track program being in the hands of this young

man and his staff. We can only hope we can keep him for a long time.

He won me when I asked him what his favorite sport was in high school and he replied "football."

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