Steve Chittock

It is almost impossible to talk about girls track at Del Norte High School from the past without Myra Albrecht coming up.

Myra was a 1971 Warrior graduate. While at Del Norte she put her name in the league record book in four events. She set the league long jump record, a mark that still stands and is almost a foot longer than the St. Bernard's girl that is in second place. She also set the record in the 200 meters, which stood from 1971 until broken in 1986.

Myra still sits in second place in the record book in that event. She also set the 400 meter mark which has since been broken twice. She also ran a 100 meter time that still stands as the second best all time in the Humboldt-Del Norte Conference.andensp;

The 100, 200, and 400 times were originally marks set in yards but were converted by the league using a standard conversion formula.

It is really impressive that Myra still has marks that stand in the top

three all time in four different events, after being set thirty plus

long years ago. Her marks still stand as all time best for the Warriors.

Myra started her running career while she was an eighth grade student

at St. Joseph's and she came to the high school to work out under

legendary Warrior track coach Dee Sullivan.

She spent her entire high school career running for Dee. She often

thought that Dee was working her too hard, but now realizes that was

probably one reason she had so much success.

It is too bad that the sports of volleyball and basketball had not yet

become interscholastic sports for girls as the young athlete could have

excelled in both.

Myra and her husband have three children, Charles, Travis and Ashley,

all of which have been excellent Warriors. Warrior fans will remember

Charles as part of the Chuck and Buck duo, when Charles and Buck Pierce

teamed up for a lot of exciting games in football and basketball.

Myra has spent 33 years in the dental profession, first for Dr. Robert

Aubell then for Dr. James Standring. Myra is a modest, humble young

lady who is really fun to talk to and write about.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High

Warrior sports. Trone, who played football for the Warriors, had an

illustrious career on the gridiron at Humboldt State University. Trone

was head football coach at Del Norte High for a number of years before