Steve Chittock

As I was looking at the names on the old red and white Warrior blanket, it stirred up some fond memories. One of the players listed was Les Horn, a 1948 Del Norte High School graduate.

Les was a running back on the first Warrior team that I played on. I still remember trying to tackle him in practice. I never played with or against another player that could get his helmet and shoulder pads as close to the ground as Les. It seems all you could see when trying to tackle him were his shoe laces. I don't remember him ever breaking any great long runs, but he always made positive yardage.

During my coaching years I would have loved to have a back like Les when we really needed four or five tough yards. He would have gotten them. Les played three years of football for the Warriors under three different head coaches.

In his sophomore year the coach was Phil Crawford; in his junior year the coach was Talmud Kramer, and during his senior year it was Brick Bralich. He also reminded me that he played one year of lightweight basketball for my dad.

Les was also very involved in other school activities. During the first

semester of his senior year he was vice president of the student body,

and during the second semester he served as student body president. He

also was president of the 'D,' Club, which was the varsity lettermen's

club, during his senior year.

After graduation Les enlisted in the Army Airborne Service and got to

spend his entire enlistment in Kentucky. After being released from the

service he worked for a while for a construction company in Albany,

Ore., where he met and married his wife Maxine. They returned to

Crescent City and Les went to work for Simpson Lumber Company, where he

worked until the mill closed and he then retired.

Les was one of four children. There was an older sister, Phyllis, and

a younger brother and sister, Eugene and Evelyn. His younger sister

Evelyn also became a part of Warrior history as she was elected

homecoming queen in Del Norte's first ever homecoming celebration in


Les and Maxine have four kids of their own, one boy and three girls.

They now also have nine grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren.

Les says since retiring he likes to fish, travel, and play with the

grandkids. Les is a very modest, humble guy that is fun to talk to and

write about.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High

Warrior sports. Trone, who played football for the Warriors, had an

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