Steve Chittock

I have said many times how much fun I get from writing these columns. To be able to look back at all the local people that have given so much joy to my life, fans, supporters, and especially my teammates, is great.

Al Young was a young man that I played with all the way through high school. He was an outstanding football, baseball and track athlete. He played four years of football, where he played both quarterback and defensive back.

Al had better than average speed and was an aggressive tackler that had a real instinct for finding the football. Playing with Al, I still remember all the tackles he made. One of the things I learned when I became a coach, was how important it was to have a great tackling safety. The other thing I learned was it was not great if your safety was your leading tackler.

In baseball he played first base or outfield on Warrior championship

teams during his sophomore, junior and senior years. He was the league

pole vault champion in his senior year.

After graduation Al and I became a part of Humboldt State football

coach Phil Sarbec's first Lumberjack football team. Al right away

earned a spot in the Jacks starting secondary. That first season was

fun as Al and I were roommates at the college dorm. After the first

semester Al decided that college life was not for him, so he withdrew

from school, returned to Crescent City and went to work in a mill.

In August of 1952 Al married his high school sweetheart Betty Kelly.

It was an honor for me to be best man at my close friend's wedding.

Shortly after being married, like so many of us from that era, Al was

drafted into the Army.

He spent eighteen months in Japan. When he was released form the Army

he went to work for Big Loaf Bread and for 36 years delivered their

products to all their stores in the area until his retirement.

Betty and Al have four children, Chris, Carol, Kelly and Connie. They

have 11 gradchildren and one great-grandchild. They still live in

Crescent City and can be seen at almost all Warrior athletic contests

rooting for our Blue and Gold athletes.

Dick Trone writes on his reflections and the history of Del Norte High

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