Michele Grgas Thomas The Triplicate

In the newspaper business we are always working ahead. Triplicate advertising director Cindy Vosburg stopped by my office Monday to discuss her plans for the third annual "It's a Green Day" event. Already we've had vendors from past years e-mailing and calling for details. We haven't even crossed the threshold into July yet it's time to start thinking about this popular event coming up in October.

If you've never attended, then please save the date (Saturday, October 23) and stop by the fairgrounds to check it out. In past years we've had over 30 vendor booths and dozens of workshops featuring products and services that help you save money by saving energy.

If you've been before and found the vendors and workshops inspirational, or, if without the help of Green Day you've discovered and implemented ways to lighten your carbon footprint while keeping your hard-earned greenbacks in your wallet, we'd like to hear about it.

Cindy pointed to magazine articles she'd collected touting, "65 ways to live greener" and "21 ways to green your home." "Wouldn't it be great," she said, "If our readers would tell us what they're doing and we could include that information in our Green Day program?"

Let's do it!

Here are some examples from the magazines:

Switching to CFL bulbs; installing dimmer switches; replacing showerheads with low-flow heads; wrapping an insulation blanket around your hot water heater; running your dishwasher only when it's full; investing in a faucet-mounted water filter and using refillable bottles instead of bottled (in plastic) water. I can honestly say we've done most of these things in our home, and a few more.

Recently I wrote a column about removing our front lawn. Where grass grew I have ready-to-harvest broccoli, luscious artichoke plants and three varieties of potatoes alongside ornamental grasses and perennials. When I take my morning walk and see an automatic sprinkler system spraying a neighbor's lawn even on the foggiest mornings, I am certain Rick and I are headed in the right direction. It's so much more rewarding to use water and fertilizer to grow vegetables than to grow grass that has to be mowed.

If you're doing something-something little or something big-around your home or garden or office that saves energy and saves you money, we'd like to hear about it. All responses will be compiled for Green Day and each contributor's name will be put in a drawing for a great green prize. Please take a moment to tell us what you're doing.

Reach Michele Thomas, The Daily Triplicate's publisher, at mthomasandshy;@tripandshy;licate.com, 464-2141, or stop by 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.