Megan Hansen, The Triplicate

4-way stop is ahead for Pebble Beach Dr.

Del Norte County Supervisors discussed road improvements at their meeting Tuesday and approved submitting applications to the county Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) for road project funds.

In addition, the board discussed and then rejected a proposal to remove a stop sign on the southwest corner of Washington Boulevard where North Pebble Beach Drive and Dale Rupert Road intersect.

In fact, supervisors decided instead to return the intersection to four-way stop status.

According to county staff, this intersection near the Del Norte County Airport has been the location of two accidents since January 2004. Both were non-injury collisions.

Jim Barnts, part-time county engineer, said the stop sign isn't

needed now because future airport improvements will likely change the

intersection's configuration, which currently has three stop signs.

Additionally, he said the county is working with Pacific Power to

install a different traffic solution.

"We're going to add a street light at that intersection," Barnts


A staff report on the intersection states the county Road Department

will pay for the traffic light's installation and the Border Coast

Regional Airport Authority will cover the monthly power charges.

The supervisors ultimately opposed removing the existing third stop

sign, and Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen said it makes sense to have the

sign in place.

"Any direction you go you have to almost come to a stop anyway,"

Hemmingsen said.

Board members decided to add an additional stop sign to the

northeastern corner of the intersection, instead creating a four-way

stop. All agreed a four-way stop would be more appropriate, at least

until the stoplight is installed.

In other roadway matters, the board approved submitting applications

to RAC for four different county road projects. RAC funds are used for

projects that benefit National Forest System lands or resources.

Jeff Daniels, county road superintendent, said the proposed projects

are those the county needs additional financial support for.

"We've looked at these areas and they're places we typically don't

have the funds to do," Daniels said.

One of the suggested projects involves removing vegetation and

creating a fire break on a portion of Low Divide Road approximately five

miles long.

A second project would take 3,200 yards of crushed rock to a

different area of Low Divide Road for roadway grading.

The third project would replace an existing culvert crossing on a

tributary to Griffin Creek with a larger culvert, allowing large amounts

of woody debris to flow through the channel without blocking it.

The last project would repave the roadway just before and after four

different bridges. These bridges include the Low Divide Road bridge, the

Patrick Creek bridge, the Eighteen Mile Creek Bridge and a bridge over

Patrick Creek on Old Gasquet Toll Road.

The county is requesting a total of about $470,440 from RAC for all

of these projects.