Inez Castor

About 20 years ago I broke a foot. While I reclined with my foot in the air, 5-year-old Katie told the younger children why Grandma couldn't play. "She has to levitate her egg," she explained. I loved the line, and it comes remarkably close to expressing my current situation.

I spend most of my time reclining with my dominant arm resting on a pillow like the crown jewels gone slumming. I'm wildly grateful for an exercycle with a reclining back. Sitting safely there I can stretch and loosen nearly all my muscles and do a bit of cardiovascular work without endangering the fragile egg of my arm. I'm determined to play sloth as long as necessary to ensure optimum healing. The new X-rays look very good, and I have orders to play with silly putty as finger therapy.

Every new experience brings opportunities for adventure, and during

the years spent as a caregiver I learned that regrets are usually

related to things we didn't do rather than things we did. So I grab

every chance to try something new as long as it doesn't seem stupidly

dangerous. Which is how I ended up on my first Dial-A-Ride trip.

Like many who drive, I'd never used public transportation, and this

seemed like the perfect opportunity. I had a ride into town for an

appointment, so I planned my bus trip for the homeward leg of the

journey. For maximum enjoyment, new things are best tackled when there

is no time crunch.

Unlike the regular bus routes, Dial-A-Ride requires making an

appointment a day ahead of time by calling 464-6400. In exchange for

pre-planning your trip you get a safe ride and a whole lot of unexpected

bonuses. I was picked up right on time by Ron, a classmate all through

our school years. I told him I was in no hurry and enjoyed sightseeing,

so I saw two neighborhoods strange to me and was still home in less than

an hour.

If you take Dial-a-Ride to shop, the driver will even help you load

your purchases and unload them at home. With the price of gas creeping

up on 4 dollars a gallon, I can ride the bus for about half the price of

driving, enjoy the sights instead of focusing on the road and visit

with other riders if I choose. All in all it was a great experience, and

I plan to use Dial-a-Ride even after I can drive again.

Winter is making a return visit, and I confess to being glad. Not

only do we need the water, but I selfishly find it a lot easier to hold

still and allow my broken wing to mend when the weather is wet and cold.

So I'm going to sit here and "levitate my egg." May we all be safe and

cozy while winter does its thing.

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