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It would have been good enough to know that 758 local students cleaned up 18 miles of our coastline Friday in conjunction with the 27th annual California Coastal Cleanup. But what hit home for me was seeing first hand the creative art work and poetry on display at Crescent Elk Middle School for Oceans Day.

Teachers Joe Gillespie and Janice Mize shared the work of more than 100 seventh-grade students who wrote poems or drew Oceans Day-related pictures. Their talent knocked my socks off.

I've never been able to draw, but I began writing poetry when I was in middle school. The first time I saw one of my poems in print I experienced a rush of self-worth and accomplishment. It made me so proud, and made my folks proud too. And it inspired me to continue writing through college and seek a career where I've worked with the written word for nearly four decades.

Today I salute the young artists of Crescent Elk Middle School. I

wish I had the space to publish all their good work. Here's a sample of

some of their delightful acrostic poetry. The first letter in an

acrostic poem spells out a word or a message. Good job!

Beach Clean-up

Blue wonderful sunset. The

Emotions are very peaceful.

Anyone can help with beach cleanup.

Changing a sad ocean to a happy ocean.

Hearing the birds chirping is like hearing a relaxing song.

Crabs crawling everywhere.

Laughing at good memories from the field trip.

Everyone having a good time at Beach Cleanup.

A beach is a wonderful relaxing place to be.

No one should be cruel to the beach.

Usually fun,

Pollution is controlled with our help.

-Alicia Lopez

Crows up in the sky.

Lots of gulls out on the waves,

Egrets soar, and

An osprey dives down to

Nab a fish.

But birds aren't the only ones at the beach.

Every inch of rock covered by barnacles and

A pair of sea lions search for food.

Crabs crawl, and

Happy children play in the waves.

-Rory McCain

Pearly ocean

Life is scarce in parts of the earth

All animals suffering from our mistakes,

Never ending beauty,

Ecosystems disrupted,

Too many have to suffer.

Endeavors for technology's evolution,

Are the reasons of the extinction of animals,

Remain buried under the oils that killed,

The earth needs our


-Taylor Patch

Ocean with your gentle waves,

Calms me as I sleep

Every night I hear your call,

As you gently lull me to sleep.

Night light, light house, so very calming tone.

Sea gulls, rocks and surf

The sand running through my hands.

Old driftwood gathered for BBQs

Rain, salt air, crabs and turf.

Your fish aplenty, salt water sharp,

Your sunset settling on pebbled

Sands by the ocean's shore.

So close to me, so much a part,

CRESCENT CITY, you are in my heart.

-Taylor Moore

So very clean

My favorite swimming spot

Into the water

Through the woods

Have fun

Running, playing and swimming

Into the sand

Very hot

Enough running

River is very wild.

-Ryland DeSomber

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