Inez Castor

What a gorgeous week! Just chock full of unexpected good things, including sunshine and the first juncos home for the winter. It was one of those times when things turn out far better than if they'd happened as I'd planned. A week to remind me I'm not in charge, just along for the ride.

Jerry wants to know what temperature is best to dry seeds to save for planting next year. If you've got a dehydrator, keep the temp under 100. Seeds are alive, and you won't get much germination if you cook them. Otherwise, put them in a brown paper bag, tie the top shut, hang it in a warm area and shake it daily.

On Tuesday I met Mike, who owns Northcrest 2nd Hand, a store I'd

never even noticed until I was told he had good used appliances at

reasonable prices. I was looking for a washer that didn't need to be

filled with a hose when I walked in and instantly spotted the perfect


On Wednesday a couple nice young men from Frontier set me up an

Internet connection called DSL. After the dial-up maximum speed of 32

kilobytes per second, the new speed, ranging between 18 and 36 megabytes

per second is mind-boggling. And I can even use the phone when

connected to the Internet.

Sallie and Bernie came unexpectedly from Washington, providing one of

those synchronistic bits of timing. Bernie was here to help install the

washer when Mike delivered it a day later than expected. Sallie and I

provide a perfect example of the decisions kids without guidance might

make. Fifty years ago we sat on the edge of her parents' bathtub,

shaving our legs and discussing the fact that if I married her brother,

we could be sisters. I was 15. The marriage lasted all of four months,

but Sallie and I are still sisters.

On Friday the guys from GH Outreach came and gave House her final

grooming of the season. Admiring the job after the guys left, I struck

up a conversation with a handsome young frog. According to him, frogs,

not humans, are the dominant species on Earth. Still pools were created

to nourish tadpoles. Sun warms the water and moonlight encourages

romance. Flies, mosquitoes and water-skippers are divinely provided


As I fired up the pellet stove to take the chill off the evening, it

occurred to me that he may have a point. After all, he doesn't require a

house, a stove and pallets of pellets to get through winter. Maybe we

should take another look at the definition of the term "dominant


The week culminated in a Saturday morning so sweetly warm I could

leave the front door open for Shadow's pleasure. He watches, through the

screen, all those noisy blue jays bouncing in the sunshine on a lush

green carpet. I'm drunk on gratitude and the scent of freshly mowed

grass, convinced I'm one of Synchronicity's favorite children.

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