Kelley Atherton, The Triplicate

The trek continues for Jon Weber as he approaches his goal of reaching the Klamath beach where his son Dustin Weber died on the anniversary of the March 11 tsunami this Sunday.

The Bend, Ore., resident and fellow cyclist, Jeff Baker, also from Bend who is riding for his son who died in a 2003 motorcycle accident, have battled winter rain and hail.

They have been making excellent time as they reached Port Orford, Ore., on Tuesday and hoped to be in Brookings on Wednesday.

Their companion Rick Loeks has been e-mailing the Triplicate updates along the journey.

"Day six (Monday) brings March showers all day long," he wrote. "Once

again the sunshine turned into liquid and covered the blue skies over

Florence with a dull gray mist."

Weber and Baker put on their rain gear and heading into the driving rain, Loeks wrote.

"Wind blowing the rain not only sideways, but uphill before spilling

off the edge of the pavement," he wrote. "Their legs were churning

against Mother Nature, doing her best to discourage this dynamic duo

from completing the daily quest, but determination and tenacity


They stopped in Winchester Bay, Ore., for lunch and a change of clothes before moving down the highway to Coos Bay, Ore.

They hoped for better weather, but awoke on day seven (Tuesday) to

the ground covered in a white blanket of pea-sized ice balls, Loeks

wrote. But they had prepared for the worst, he said.

Weber started off running that day with Baker following on bicycle.

Once they caught up with each other, Weber switched over to his bike.

"I could not tell what was worse, the road spray from the cars and

trucks passing by, the intermittent rain showers, or the road grime

collecting on the chains and derailleur mechanisms," Loeks wrote. "The

little things one does not think of encountering could leave you dead in

the water, so after a wash and spray-down with silicone, away they

went. "

They passed the 300-milepost marker on the north side of Port Orford,

the three-quarter mark of the 400-mile trek. Loeks said they planned to

arrive in Brookings on Wednesday. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, the sun will

come out tomorrow ..."

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