Fifth grade students at Joe Hamilton School will be participating in an investigation to determine where our offshore currents go. In 5th grade science, in part, we study about oceans and air temperature and how they affect ocean currents.

With the interest in tsunami debris from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan making its way toward the West Coast of the U.S., there is a natural curiosity as to where it will end up. Students have chosen a rubber duck and attached a brass tag to it. The tag will have the address to Joe Hamilton School stamped into it. To identify their duck when it is found, students have scratched a number they have chosen onto the back side of the brass tag.

The plan is to have a fishing boat take the rubber ducks off shore as far as possible around April 2 and set them free. The winds and currents will then dictate where they go. Previous investigations such as this have ended up as far as the northern tip of Vancouver Island in British Columbia.