Recently Redwood's Parent, Teacher, Student Organization (PTSO) sent out a survey to the students of our school asking what THEY would like to see PTSO "adopt" as our next project.

The big winner was "Lunchroom Improvement."

Our lunchroom is an area of the school that is used on a daily basis, by every student and it hadn't seen a change for a good 30 years!

So, PTSO Board Members got to work looking for a great painter AND someone who could get this huge job done during spring break!

To our amazement Randy Johnson stepped up to the plate not only with a

week's notice but with an enthusiasm that matched our own!

Our Redwood Family was blown away by the change!

The students, teachers and parents that took a peek at the lunchroom

couldn't help but feel incredibly thankful to Mr. Johnson for taking on

this task and acing it with flying colors - Redwood colors even!

We honored him at our Friday Morning Awards Assembly by presenting

him with a Redwood PTSO Sweatshirt, which he promised not to get paint

all over.

So once again we'd like to say a BIG thank you to Randy Johnson! You

were a huge part in bringing school spirit to our lunchroom!

Our next project that our school's student body is working on is the

Buy a Brick Program where students, family, alumni and communinity

members can purchase a brick and add an engraving of their choice on it

for $50. These will adorn the front lawn of our school. So if you are

interested in purchasing a brick, please contact our Redwood office.