Triplicate Staff

The Yurok Wellness Court is holding a "Community Honoring and Informational Gathering" on Friday at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room at the Yurok Administration Office in Klamath.

The Yurok Wellness Court is designed to provide a path to healing for Yurok individuals who are involved in the judicial system due to substance abuse, and Yurok Tribal members that have successfully participated in the Wellness Court's program will be sharing their testimonials and personal experiences at the event.

The Wellness Court was founded on the idea of "restorative justice,"

rather than punitive justice, "demanding that offenders pay their debt

directly to the community and to those that have been perpetrated

against, instead of solely using the ineffective act of imprisonment,"

the event's press release states.

The event is a potluck and organizers ask that people who wish to

bring an item such as a main dish, salad, fruit, a vegetable dish,

drinks or a dessert to call court advocate Lori Nesbitt at (707)