This is a long overdue thank-you note.

On Aug. 24, I parked my car in the Rite Aid parking lot in front of Ray's Food Place. Behind my parked car I tripped and fell due to a chuck hole, which was darkened by oil and grease like the surrounding parking spaces.

People in the same area saw me fall and cautioned me not to get up,

to lie flat. I did not know I was bleeding from a deep head wound and my

glasses were pushed almost into the corner of my left eye. While a lady

got a golf cart towel out of my car to make a compress to stop the

bleeding, a gentleman had the presence of mind to call 911. Within

minutes, two Crescent City volunteer firemen arrived and checked my

vital signs. They left as an EMT arrived in Del Norte Ambulance and took

me to Sutter Coast Hospital's emergency room. There, Dr. Nicely took

five stitches in my forehead above the left eye. These were later

removed at the Sutter Coast Family Clinic. I had deep bruising around

the left eye and socket, and fearing damage to my eye pressure, I went

to my opthalmologist, who examined me with so far no permanent damage.

My car was retrieved as were my groceries in my car by the kind

people at Ray's. For all those who came to my aid, I cannot adequately

express my gratitude. I have not forgotten you and pray that others in

like circumstances find others to come to their rescue.

- Leona Hammond