Grateful for an 'angel'

I live in Orange County and was visiting my son a few months back when I realized I had lost my wallet. I remember I had it when getting in the car while in the parking lot of the Dollar Tree but then ran a few errands after that. Upon returning to my hotel I realized my wallet was gone. I think I almost began to hyperventilate because I thought about all that my wallet contained, which was $400 cash, a few credit cards, my passport and driver's license.

As I realized all that my wallet contained I thought "none of it matters" and I was desperately praying thinking how irrelevant it all was, except for my driver's license! I was in town (traveled just near 1,000 miles) to visit my son who is in the prison and I knew without that identification (no matter how kind the visiting officers are) there was no way I would be allowed in to visit.

As I backtracked with no luck, my last stop was the Dollar Tree

(where I remember I had it in the parking lot). As I looked through the

parking lot, out of desperation I ran into the Dollar Tree asking if

anyone by any chance had turned in a wallet? You can imagine my surprise

when the manager, Shane Beck, said "Yes! A brown one." I literally

broke down crying out loud because I thought now I am going to see my

son. When I asked who brought it in, Shane replied "A lady, but she

didn't leave her name." Of course I believe it was an angel.

I want to say thanks to her, but also to Shane Beck, who as a trusted

manager, immediately had the wallet locked in the store safe.

We always hear about the bad things that happen, but today I want to

share about a good deed - a prayer that was answered by wonderful people

in Crescent City! Thank you so much!

- Dolores Canales

Medical personnel

A big thank-you to the two Smith River Fire Fighters, the ambulance

crew, the Sutter Coast Hospital ER staff and the Cal-Ore Life Flight

crew for the gentle and courteous treatment I received when I shattered

my knee April 21. You all introduced yourselves, but not many names

stuck in my memory. A six-hour surgery repaired the damage I did, and I

am now recovering.

Thank you all for being here when we need you!

- Vicki Townsend

Thanks, neighbors

They say that good fences make good neighbors. It is also true that good neighbors make the work of repairing a fence easier.

I want to thank the person responsible for making an 8-foot,

two-by-four magically appear in my yard; the kind, gentle man who

delivered my fence boards; and the neighbor who loaned me a power drill.

Seemingly small gestures make a big difference.

- Diane Blackberry

Wildflower show a success

This is a thank-you to all the volunteers, the sponsors, the folks

who attended and the Triplicate, which gave outstanding coverage to the

very successful Ruby Van Deventer Wildflower Show.

- Rick Bennett

Community supported play

"The Vagina Monologues" turned out to be a huge success. I would like

to take a moment to say thank you to the community for coming out and

supporting this movement to stop violence against women and girls.

With your help we raised $7,811 and sat over 500 people for three

performances. The programs that the proceeds will go to are very

important to our community. Ninety percent of the money was designated

to Del Norte County programs. Ten percent went to the V-Day spotlight

which is the women of Haiti. Each of the following beneficiaries

received $1,757.25: The North Coast Rape Crisis Team, Six Rivers

Planned Parenthood's Teen Success program, Inter Tribal Council of

California's Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault program, and Smith

River Rancheria's Community and Family Services.

There were 26 amazing women from our community who put their all into

each monologue. I want to thank them for a job well done!

There will be lots of opportunities for people to get involved next

year. We are already planning for a few different events to celebrate

One Billion Rising on Feb. 14, 2013. One Billion Rising is the 15th

anniversary of V-Day. Please go to for more information

about the World Wide V-Day Movement and upcoming events. Check out our

Facebook page at Benita Cabrera V-Day if you are interested in being a

part of next year's performances or other events.

- Benita Cabrera