Here's a chance to help woman win video contest

My name is SharRon Hallman. I was born and raised in Fort Dick. My mother, Barbara Hallman (formerly Baker), was also born and raised here.

My grandparents originally opened Redwood Gardens Florist. My Aunt Carol now has it.

I am now married, have 4 kids, and currently live in Central Point, Ore. (though hubby and I have been talking of moving back to Del Norte).

I am a stay-at-home mom, and in my spare time I rescue, and

rehabilitate, neglected and abused horses. Many of the horses that we

have gotten in were heading to slaughter. I also occasionally do

beginner lessons, trail rides, and "pony" birthday parties.

I was horse-crazy my entire life and much to my Dad's dismay I never

outgrew it. He finally said I could get a horse when I was 12!

I found PJ in my search. He is an Appaloosa gelding. He has been my

best friend for many years. He is currently 33 years old, Which is about

100 years old in horse years. He is still going strong!

He took me through 4-H in Del Norte. My last year in 4-H I won

champion horse showman, and champion 4-H horse. I also made the CSHA

state finals in Gymkhana in 2005.

We have competed in many events. We have won some and lost some, but

he has always been a great horse. His favorite, and best event is trail

challenges. Our most recent events have been competing in the American

Competitive Trail Horse Association's America's Favorite Trail Horse.

We competed least year, and traveled to Redmond, Ore. I was very

nervous, and messed up my interview speech, and we did not make the


This year ACTHA did the competition by video submission, and PJ and I made the finals!

This is from the site: "We will crown ACTHA's Favorite Trail

Horse through a video competition for both pro and pleasure divisions

awarding a 100 percent payout jackpot. ACTHA staff will select a total

of 50 videos to go on to the finals round for voting. We will be looking

for athleticism, character, and personality.

Weekly voting will be on ACTHA.TV, which will show 10 videos each

week. The winners from the weekly voting will be shown on the last week

of voting and crowned as the pro and pleasure division winners.

I filmed my video there in Del Norte. I used pictures from the last

few years showing how versatile PJ is, and all the things we have done

together. We are in the pro division, and our video will be shown -

along with the competition - the week of June 12.

To win the competition people have to vote on your video, at

ACTHA.TV. I was told voting will be open for 48 hours after the videos

are put up.

Here is the link to the video I entered:

Top prize in my division is the Title of America's Favorite Trail horse, a silver belt buckle, and an $2300 jackpot.

PJ also has his own Facebook page! His name is "PJ Appaloosa" He is

accepting all friend requests, and helping to promote his entry for

America's Favorite Trail Horse!: