Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

A California State Bar trial has been scheduled in September for Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander, who will likely be fighting for his law license.

The trial is set for Sept. 4-8 in San Francisco before a State Court Judge regarding seven counts of misconduct, including corruption. Alexander has denied the charges.

The trial is scheduled to end a few days before Alexander is to begin prosecution of the Jarrod Wyatt murder trial. However, the State Bar trial is likely to be delayed, Alexander said Monday on his way back to Del Norte from a status conference in San Francisco.

"I don't anticipate it affecting the Wyatt trial at all," said

Alexander. "I've been working on the Wyatt case for over a year. This is

not going to deter me from getting justice for Taylor Powell."

Wyatt, 27, a former mixed martial arts fighter, is accused of fatally

beating Taylor Powell, 21, of Crescent City, in March 2010.

In Alexander's Bar case, another status conference has been set for Aug. 13 and a settlement conference has been set for Aug. 8.

Alexander said he anticipates filing motions seeking a change of venue and a continuance.

His change of venue motion will seek to accommodate the witnesses -

character, expert and those testifying about complaints - who are

located in Del Norte that he plans to call to the stand.

He said he has already heard from more than 150 people who have

contacted him willing to step forward as character witnesses, "for which

I am tremendously grateful."

"I think it's illustrative to note that none of the false complaints

were brought forward by any affected parties, defendants, their

attorneys, judges or law enforcement - only a very small circle of

extremely disturbed people who refuse to accept my election," said


He said there could likely be a week of testimony given by his various witnesses.

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