Editor's note: The Del Norte 4-H column appears every four weeks.

On May 19 local 4-H member Taylor Jones attended the Humboldt County Rabbit and Cavy Association's first Bunny Extravaganza, at the Bayside Grange in Humboldt County.

This was a field day open to youths up to 19 years of age. HCRCA is a fairly new rabbit club formed in 2011, and this was its first youth event. There were about a dozen participants.

Youth contests included: a practice rabbit show, showmanship contest,

breed identification contest, knowledge contests, pet contests and

bunny hopping. The club also held a small raffle and food booth to help

raise funds for future events.

Taylor was the only participant from Del Norte County. She was

awarded first place in intermediate showmanship and the breed

identification contest, as well as Best of Breed with her Himalayan,

Silver Fox and Netherland Dwarf rabbits.

She was also asked to judge the peewee and junior showmanship

classes. We are hoping to have more 4-H'ers attend next year's field

day. It was a great learning experience and a chance to meet other

4-H'ers from neighboring counties.

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