One evening recently we took my grandson Cameron into the emergency room at Sutter to find out why the swelling in his cheek was not going down. Little did we know just how sick he was. He was air-lifted out that night with a form of leukemia.

I want to thank all you guys that were there that night in the ER.

The care that they gave him was the best. To Dr. Reeves and the staff

there that night, our families can never thank you enough for what you

did. Our nurse Sam, we just have to say, "you rock." The girls that

helped with the IV and took blood, and Robert, thank you for your

kindness and thanks to the guys that came in to prep Cameron for his

flight to Oakland.

All of you did a great job and without that kind of care here, some of us would not be here to talk about it.

To let all of you know, he is doing good. They took a bone marrow

test and we do not need a donor and that was the best news we could ever


Thanks again for everything.

- Leora Kintzer and Mandy Abbey