Triplicate Staff

Park visitor was a bit stuffy

Redwood National and State Parks draw thousands of visitors each summer from all over the world. This summer's guests include a stuffed moose dressed like Theodore Roosevelt.

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bull Moose Party, the National Park Service is circulating a bull moose stuffed animal, equipped with round-frame Roosevelt glasses.

The bull moose started at Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site in Buffalo, N.Y., and was then sent to Redwood Parks for his second stop.

Park Ranger Robert Gering took the moose to Corkscrew Tree, Big Tree and Howland Hill Road.

"He was impressed by Stout Tree," Gering said.

Roosevelt, a staunch supporter of the National Park Service,

criss-crossed the nation in 1912 to promote his Progressive (Bull Moose)


"Our adventurous moose wants to get his picture taken at some of the

nation's most beautiful and significant landmarks," a press release

states. "He's hoping to meet as many people as Roosevelt did back in


-Adam Spencer

Minding students' business

Del Norte High School will have a business teacher for the first time

in 15 years this fall.

The school district recently hired a teacher from Minneapolis,

Superintendent Don Olson announced at the School Board meeting Thursday.

The new teacher will be instructing high schoolers in everything

business from how one works to personal finance to using Microsoft

Office Suite.

Hiring a business teacher after all these years became possible after

reorganizing the teaching staff at DNHS, Olson said.

-Kelley Atherton

Unidentified and speedy

A UFO sighting shouldn't always imply aliens in the sky, but simply

an unidentified flying object - possibly an aerial military exercise or

maybe a commercial plane that just doesn't look right.

Darrin Bolshakoff, of Crescent City, was with his sister and her

boyfriend Sunday night when they saw something in the air they couldn't


"It looked like a satellite, but it was moving side to side and it

was much brighter," he said.

All three star-gazers then saw a red glow that blinked five to six

times before disappearing, seemingly zooming away at speeds too fast to

capture with the human eye.

"I had goosebumps and my hair was standing on the back of my neck,"

Bolshakoff said.

The National UFO Reporter Center ( collects and lists

sightings in an online database.

Three other California UFO sightings from Sunday were listed on the

website, but none was close to Del Norte County.

-Adam Spencer

School gym bidding war

Ausland Group's low bid to build the gym at Smith River School has

been protested by the second-lowest bidder, Pierson Company in Eureka.

Deputy Superintendent Rodney Jahn told the School Board on Thursday

that the protest was over one of Ausland's subcontractor who isn't

licensed to work in California. Ausland is based in Grants Pass.

The district has been assured by Ausland that the subcontractor's

license had expired and would pay the fee to have it reinstated, Jahn


The advice from the district's attorney is that this is okay, as long

as the subcontractor is licensed "before setting foot on the project,"

he said.

-Kelley Atherton