Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Police say the victim staved off roommate

A local man was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after authorities say he attacked his 94-year-old roommate.

Joseph M. Sambrana, 53, was arrested Monday. Authorities say he attempted to strangle Millard McGee Saturday.

McGee told authorities that Sambrana became confrontational with him

Saturday morning before jumping on top of him and and choking him,

Crescent City Police Chief Doug Plack.

"McGee was unable to breathe and believed he was going to die," said

Plack. "Obviously, Mr. McGee's survival instincts kicked in. He

struggled and tried to break away from Sambrana's grasp."

The retired 94-year-old physician used his anatomical knowledge to

attack pressure points on Sambrana's neck and stop the attack, Plack


"He does believe this was the only reason Sambrana stopped choking him," said Plack.

Sambrana was located at the L Street residence the two men share and

arrested without incident, Plack said, adding two "weapons" were found

in his pockets.

Authorities found a wallet that was modified to have a sharp piece of plastic sticking from it, and a chain, Plack said.

Sambrana stated he had to carry the chain for self-defense after

having his baton confiscated by authorities in a prior incident, Plack


The reason for the attack wasn't apparent to Mcgee, nor was it clear

when authorities later questioned Sambrana, who denied the accusations,

Plack said.

"Sambrana does have a history of acting paranoid and demonstrates signs of being an unstable individual," said Plack.

McGee suffered bruising to his neck, Plack said.

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