Triplicate Staff

County GOP endorses Gitlin

Two candidates will square off in a November run-off race for District 1 Del Norte County supervisor.

It's a non-partisan office by definition, but party politics still play. Both of the candidates are registered Republicans and on Tuesday the County Republican Central Committee entered the fray, endorsing Roger Gitlin over two-term incumbent Leslie McNamer.

Eleven of 13 members voted to endorse Gitlin, said county GOP Chairman Scott Feller.

The June 5 primary was a three-way race in which no candidate

received the majority vote required to avoid a November run-off.

Gitlin finished first with 313 votes, or 43.8 percent. McNamer

garnered 297 votes, or 41.6 percent, and City Councilwoman Donna

Westfall got 104 votes, or 14.6 percent.

-Emily Jo Cureton

As for the Democrats ...

County Democratic Party Chairwoman Debra Broner is headed to the

Democratic National Convention in September.

Broner is one of nine delegates from the North Coast congressional

district recently selected to attend the Charlotte, N.C., event, where

the Democratic Party will officially nominate President Barack Obama for

re-election and adopt its national platform.

-Emily Jo Cureton

June had its rainy spots

Today is the last day of June, typically a dry month in these parts.

In fact, the average rainfall for the entire month of June is 1.9

inches, according to the National Weather Service.

That's what made Friday, June 22, so surprising. It broke the record

for rainfall in Crescent City on that date - by a lot.

The record had been 0.40 inches set in 1937. But the Friday before

last piled up 1.36 inches in Crescent City, the NWS said.

Early summer has continued to bring occasional rain, but at least

it's not 100 degrees like much of the rest of the country.

-Kelley Atherton

Schools winning lottery

Schools should be recieving a little bit more money from the lottery -

public education in California gets a little piece of every ticket


The state lottery has seen an increase in sales, perhaps because of

the recession.

The California Lottery Commission recently approved its 2012andndash;13

budget at $4.83 billion in sales, a 10.4 percent increase from last

year. An estimated $1.28 billion will be provided to education.

-Kelley Atherton

Don't feed the bears

There were a couple of bear sightings within city limits this past;

one on the 1700 block of A Street and the other near the supermarkets

off M Street.

The bear on A Street was not located by officers and the bear near

the supermarkets ran into nearby woods, where transients are known to

set up camp.

There have also been several reports of bears spotted in yards

around the county. Residents should remember to keep garbage in garages

until trash day.

A spokesperson for the Crescent City Police Department stated when

bears are spotted inside the city limits, the reports are forwarded to

the Department of Fish and Game.

"Officers are not trained to deal with wild animals," the

spokesperson said.

Only wild humans.

-Anthony Skeens