Anthony Skeens, The Triplicate

Six people get cited for illegal fireworks Wed.

Authorities had their hands full fielding calls on the Fourth of July, but overall it was one of the more safe and sane celebrations in Crescent City in recent times.

The county's emergency dispatch fielded 141 calls - 80 is about average for a regular day. There were 16 calls made about illegal fireworks.

Nine arrests were made for public intoxication, and 12 people booked into the county jail from 6 p.m. to midnight.

"It was pretty reasonable," said sheriff's Commander Bill Steven, who

heads the jail. "It was actually busier Thursday than it was


The Crescent City Police Department tested out Crescent City's

recently adopted illegal fireworks ordinance by handing out six

citations that will cost the recipients $1,000 each. There were certain

officers designated as zero tolerance, while others likely only warned

citizens if they came across the fireworks, Plack said.

"Issuing the citations is time-consuming at a time when it is critical for officers to be available for calls," said Plack.

He opined the community seemed to have respect for the fireworks

ordinance because there were fewer illegal ones in the city this year -

excluding Beachfront Park.

"I do believe the reason for that is because of the educational

campaign (for the fireworks ordinance) and people understanding the

laws," said Plack. "They knew there were going to be some sort of

repercussions if the police were called and they were caught with

illegal fireworks."

In addition to confiscating fireworks, officers were busy responding

to public disturbances, domestic disputes and fights, Plack said.

"We didn't have any first aid calls of a serious nature," said Plack.

"I think that it was a calmer night than (recent Fourths), which I'm

happy to say."

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